• OSC adopts new eco-friendly practices

Oman Shipping Company adopts a new type of log books that are used widely onboard vessels. The company replaced the current log books with new eco-friendly log books. This initiative will contribute to reduce the paperwork consumption due to the frequent use of such log book on board the company`s fleet, where is considered a key element in ship management operations in terms of documenting all deck operation, engine room and orders issued by the ship`s captain and chief engineer in addition to recording drill exercises.

This Environmentally friendly program aligns well with our Policy and commitment to preserving and protecting the Environment. In addition to the mandatory environmental requirements stated in the MARPOL convention.

The company is striving to adopt environmentally friendly practices both in the company`s headquarters or on board a fleet of over 50 vessels.

It is worth mentioning that this initiative is the product of "Mubadara" and that means adopting creative ideas proposed by the staff that contribute to the cost reduction or increase production or environmental protection.

  • OSC Youth Vision MOU -Shera`a

OSC has signed agreement with Youth Vision Establishment to commence Shera’a Forum for Omani youth. Shera’a is one of the community-based programs provided by the company for the development of young Omanis in the field of Blue Economy. The program is in line with company`s efforts on contributing to the development of the coastal areas of the Sultanate socially, economically and environmentally. Shera’a Forum aims to familiarize young people with the concept of Blue Economy and the possibility of developing projects that contribute to the development of young people and coastal communities in the Sultanate. The 1ST Shera’a Forum will target 100 participants and will be held in Sohar on March 2017.

Shera’a Forum is an excellent platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences among workers in the maritime sector and the participants and it will be executed by young Omani cadres from Youth Vision Establishment.