Part of Oman Shipping’s mandate is to reprise the Sultanate’s lost grandeur as a seafaring nation in antiquity. Then, seagoing vessels skippered by Omani sailors and navigators plied the high seas en route to destinations in historical China, India and East Africa. It’s a rich maritime legacy replete with seafaring lore that OSC hopes to rekindle afresh in a bid to attract young Omanis to the modern version of this vocation.

In line with this goal, OSC has been offering annual scholarships for high school graduates to study either Nautical Science or Marine Engineering in maritime colleges in Oman, the UK or Australia. To date, the company has sponsored over 180 cadets. Upon the completion of their studies, the young cadets are offered rewarding careers on board OSC’s vessels.

In the same vein, Oman Shipping has been working closely with the International Maritime College Oman (IMCO) to support the onboard training of the latter’s fresh graduates. Under an agreement signed in 2013, OSC has offered training slots for IMCO cadets eager to intern with the company on board its modern ships. It is all part of a commitment by OSC to support the development of a national cadre of seafarers who represent a pool of talent being groomed to join the shipping industry.