OSC Human Resources Department works in partnership with managers and their teams, with individual employees, and with other groups to provide programs and services that create a work environment of employee empowerment and involvement in the business. Our corporate values of CREATIVITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, TRUST, PROFITABLITY and LEADERSHIP are woven into every aspect of human resource management


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Please note that Oman Shipping Company S.A.O.C. (OSC), has no branches outside the Sultanate of Oman.

OSC does not employ any non-Omani crew members directly on its Fleet. OSC utilises certain manning agencies which are located outside the Sultanate.


مرحبا بكم في موقعنا الالكتروني.

ننوه بأنه ليس للشركة العمانية للنقل البحري ش.م.ع.م. أي فرع خارج سلطنة عمان.

لا تقوم الشركة العمانية للنقل البحري بالتوظيف المباشر للبحارة غيرالعمانيين للعمل في أسطولها البحري، وإنما يتم ذلك من خلال وكالات توظيف مختصة من خارج السلطنة.