Work Environment

Side by side with its investment in a world-class fleet, Oman Shipping has also continued to develop an equally top-flight cadre of Omani mariners with the skills to skipper and crew these magnificent vessels. To this end, the company has sought to attract capable talent, not only with the professional mettle to operate these ships, but also with the right attitude to serve as the nation’s ‘ambassadors’ on the high seas.

Although a relatively young shipping line, Oman Shipping has already earned for itself a reputation as an employer of choice among shipping companies in the region. In addition to offering its staff a highly competitive remuneration package, the company also recognizes the importance of crew competency and motivation to keep its mariners performing at the top of their game.

Short and long-term secondments as well as cross-functional opportunities allow for rapid career advancements. Other perks come in the form of education training support, first class medical care for crew and eligible dependants, and opportunities to work alongside some of the best local and global talent. They are all part of a rewarding workplace environment that counts among the best in the regional shipping industry.